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Build A Better Future

Skilled. Efficient. Committed. Engaged. Smart. Ready every day to work better, build better, be better. Ready to meet new challenges head on, and to work as a valued, integrated member of a high-performance team. These are some of the things that set Piston Automotive people apart. Every day, our dedicated employees deliver results to our clients – and build a better future for themselves. If you think you’re ready to join a team that aims higher, works harder, and continually strives to become even better than the day before, we’re happy to hear from you.

INTEGRITY – (“Do the Right Thing”): We will always do the right thing and hold ourselves accountable to conduct all activities at the highest level of ethical behavior with our customers, partners, suppliers and each other.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – (“Never Settle for Status Quo”): We will continuously improve by investing in our team members and adopting world-class philosophies and practices.

EMPOWERMENT – (“Help Others Achieve”): We will improve the skills, abilities and knowledge of our team members in order to expand their roles and responsibilities. To this end, we give thoughtful consideration to everyone’s ideas and provide training and resources to help support our success.

DIVERSITY – (“Putting Our Differences to Work”): We will create an atmosphere that attracts and retains top talent by embracing, encouraging and respecting our differences.

TEAMWORK – (“One Team, One Vision”): We will share ideas, best practices, and resources while respecting and supporting each other in a professional and selfless manner.

Piston Automotive is an Equal Opportunity Employer.